Saturday, September 11, 2010

10 Effective Teaching Techniques

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How to capture and maintain your student in Science and Mathematics.

Tip #1: Engage

Engage the students in material that has personal relevance and is meaningful i.e. real life examples and problems

Tip #2: Variety

Give the students assignments that involve a variety of learning styles

Tip #3: Students Teaching

Provide times when students can teach each other the material within the classroom
i.e. group presentations
– Leadership
– Ownership
– Mastery

Test #4: Review

Every other day or so, allot 10 minutes at the beginning of each class for students to discuss among themselves what they learned in previous lessons.

Tip #5: Reward system

Implement a reward system for students to encourage them to take their learning outside
the classroom
• Reward students who can apply the material to real life examples
• Reward students who improve from test to test
• Reward students who engage in group discussions outside of the classroom to discuss ideas on how to use their knowledge to solve problems.

Tip #6: Goals

Help students establish short term, self referenced goals at the beginning of the term and have them check up midterm to see if they are still on track to accomplishing their goals

Tip #7: Stimulate group work

At the end of each class, present the students with a “challenge for the night” and allow students to work in groups of 3 or 4 to solve the challenge over the course of the evening and present answers in class the next day

Tip # 8: Evaluation

Evaluation of students should be private and focus on individual improvement, progress and mastery of the material, not simply on performance

Tip #9: Collaboration

Teachers collaborate with students to work on a big project.

Tip #10: Professionals

Bring in professionals in related careers to give talks about what they do in their work

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