Friday, August 6, 2010

GUC Winning First Place in RoboCup 2010

The GUC team was named the GUC Pharaohs after winning the FIRST place in the World Cup in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence known as RoboCup ( within the Festo Logistics League. This year RoboCup 2010 took place in Singapore from 19th -25th June 2010. The GUC team was the only team participating from Africa, the Arab World and the Middle East.

The Robocup competition is the most prestigious international competition and conference for advanced robotics and Artificial Intelligence from all over the world where all teams participate with postgraduate students and PhD holders who are main researchers in their field. The target of the Robocup is to advance the science of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to enable a robot team to have enough individual and group intelligence to play against the human world cup winners and beat this team in year 2050. Thus this competition will enable to advance the field if Intelligent Robotics to help humanity in different industrial and domestic domains.

The GUC has participated in the Festo Logistics League which is initiated by FESTO which is an international leader in the field of Robotics. The aim of the league is to advance the field of intelligent robotics in industry and logistics.

The participating teams came from Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore. The GUC team consisted from Ahmed Hani, Yomna Gamal, Mustapha Abdullah, Summer Kassem, Hesham Raouf and Nehal Hassan. The team was supervised by Prof. Dr. Hani Hagras, Dr. Rabie Ramadan, Dr. Hisham Elsherif and Engineer Mosutafa Nawito.

The GUC team was the only team participating with undergraduate students (where the other team participated with graduate students and PhD holders) and the GUC has managed to develop novel artificial intelligence techniques which allowed them to dominate their group which include University of Bern, Switzerland and two teams from Singapore polytechnic and Nanyang Technology University, Singapore. Following this the GUC team also dominated their group in the 2nd round which included University of Magdeburg (Germany) and KAIST (South Korea). The GUC team then went to beat Hungary in the Semi Final before beating the University of Magdeburg (Germany) in the final to be crowned as World Champions in Robocup 2010. The results of the competition are available at

This great achievement shows the cutting edge international research developed in the GUC and that our youth are capable of achieving miracles if they had the will and the correct supervision.

So once again congratulations to the GUC heroes who have fulfilled this achievement.

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